Monday, February 17, 2020

Post a file describing your sample. How you plan to get it; how you Essay

Post a file describing your sample. How you plan to get it; how you actually got it, and any characteristics of your sample, e.g., the demographics of it, how large it is, etc - Essay Example I felt myself close to university students because of my linkage to the same age group and also they are available in the university timings. The sample population comprised of four ethnic groups that were Hispanics, Africans, Asians and Americans by birth or their parents were related to areas such as Mexico, Italy, South Africa, Sri Lanka and United States of America as a whole. I have provided the questionnaires to one hundred and fifty students who belonged to the ethnic groups that I have listed above. From them sixty nine were White American nationals by birth, twenty eight were African Americans, forty two were Hispanics and twelve were Asians. I prepared the questionnaires and asked the university students to fill it within an hour as the survey form or questionnaire was not too lengthy. I kept it short so that the students do not feel to fill it problematic and also to keep their interest with it. For assembling all the students, I went to their class teachers and asked them to give the students the questionnaires that were needed to be filled in. the students appeared very supportive and also the teachers supported me by facilitating me with the filled in questionnaires with ease. I informed the students that the questionnaires are needed to be filled with free will and students are not required to give any forced answers for the questions. All the questions that I included in the questionnaire were very simple and straight forward and the students faced no problem in filling them. All the students gave responses that were beneficial for the research. The sample population is a clear indication of a multicultural society and also indicate the larger ratio of immigrants from various parts of the world to United States of America. Along with quantitative research, I also commenced qualitative research in which, I searched the articles and writings by writers who wrote on the issue of immigration and multicultural society in America that were

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