Saturday, November 2, 2019

Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 11

Marketing - Essay Example However doing so does mean putting the business’s long term strategy at risk as the customers and the remaining stakeholders would not appreciate the fact that the enterprise does not value their concerns rather goes after the financial side. The need and thus the opportunity in the business world of present times is to get ourselves noticed and make the companies realize of their responsibilities that they owe to the customers. The companies that have been marred by the high-spate abuses in the business scene of present times have included the Ford-Firestone debacle, the California energy crisis where it did its worst possible bit ant changing and altering the flow of power supply and in the end, the same resulted in huge power bills as well as blackouts. Also, the example is of the telecommunications’ failures that have hit the American business panorama like anything. The slips in the airline industry owing to the 9/11 episode and the aftermath is also one such example that comes to mind and last but not the least, the ever famous whistle blowing story related with Enron and the Arthur Andersen accounting firm. These companies and enterprises suggest just a fraction of the amount of malpractices that are rampant in the American business scenario. All these have more or less focused more on attaining the financial needs and meeting economic goals rather than doing one thing or the other (positively) towards the end consumers, which at the end of the day bring in all the sales, revenues and long term stability of the companies as well. Consumer movements could be first step in educating the companies towards their regression of consumer values. [Guest, 2002] This requires a clear fore vision and one that looks at restoring the positive link and relationship between all the parties, players and individual partners, to state as a matter of fact. Another option could be to go for effective

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